The NTTA released a video Friday showing a DWI suspect driving the wrong way on the highway.

Dallas, Texas – ( – The North Texas Tollway Authority has released a video connected to a case involving a DWI suspect who drove the wrong way on a local tollway. As reported by the Dallas Morning News, the drunken driving suspect was shown on the video making a U-turn on the Sam Rayburn Tollway in a tanker truck.

As noted in the report, the incident occurred Thursday afternoon near Alma Drive. The trucker reportedly hit another vehicle on the road and made the U-turn to report the accident to a police officer. He was subsequently arrested by the officer for the incident, according to a spokesperson for the NTTA Sherita Coffelt. Coffelt is also noted in the report to state that no major injuries were sustained from the accident. – The latest in Dallas News

Photo Credit: Wikipedia User 25or6to4