/EIN Presswire/ IQPC has been producing Defence conferences for military professionals and military stakeholders. We have produced various military and defence conferences across Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Flagship IQPC Defence conferences include Offshore Patrol Vessels, Military Aviation Repair & Maintenance, Air and Missile Defence, Defence Logistics, Directed Energy Weapons, Disaster Management & Crisis Response, Future Artillery, Geospatial Defence & Intelligence APAC, International Piracy Summit Military Helicopter, Military Robotics, Network Centric Warfare, Small Precision Weapons, Tactical Communications, UAV Training & Simulation and Unmanned Air Systems among others. At IQPC military conferences, military and defence professionals from various ranks including Colonel, Air Commodore, Lieutenant, Admiral, Squadron Leader, areas of expertise spanning the Land, Air, Sea, Tri-service and Technology spectrum and global nationalities convene to share and gain insight into the latest technological advances for defence and to address topical matters concerning the military in today’s world.

IQPC, DefenceIQ.com and Military Industry Learning
Through our online portal Defenceiq.com, provides military and defence industry professionals with the best caliber of global military news and information through in-depth learning. IQPC recognizes that ever morphing landscape of threats posed to national security means that defence professionals must be “in the know” at all times and to stay abreast of industry trends and changes. IQPC and Defence IQ are consequently committed to relaying military and defence professionals with the latest and most accurate industry news, reviews and information. Our aim is to extend your knowledge before you attend our military conferences and to help you further develop your industry learning when you leave the conference. Through Defence IQ, IQPC provides Defence and military professionals with the tools to build on their conference learning via the provision of additional materials in the form of news articles, podcasts and videos. Additionally, Defence IQ offers webinars and seminars that are geared towards providing industry professionals with deeper insight into pertinent issues from military technology, defence armour and vehicles or emerging military and defence strategies.

IQPC, Defence IQ and Military Professional Relationship Building
Defence professionals who attend any of IQPC’s Defence or military conferences have the opportunity to meet their military and defence industry peers. While IQPC recognizes the value of networking with military peers at these conferences we also know time out of the office is limited and thus not possible to have personal meaningful interactions with industry peers. Defence IQ bridges that gap by providing the forum and opportunity for conference attendees to continue to develop the relationships they create at our Defence conferences. On Defence IQ, you are able to pose questions around your interest and respond to questions that target your area of expertise. Additionally, you are able to form groups to debate, discuss and share insights around the latest defence news and issues. Together, IQPC and Defence IQ provides you with full access to military and defence conferences and related learning materials in order to help you build your defence knowledge and expertise.