Tampa, FL (Wireprnews.com) – The social network for law firms and sole practitioners went live today on SEOLawFirm.com. The social network has been in testing for the last month and is now open for free registrations.

Social networking has become a necessary part of search engine optimization and online law firm marketing. It is believed that Google is now monitoring links within social networks as a way to gage popularity of websites.

As part of the Legal Marketing company’s expansion, SEOLawFirm.com has officially released their Legal Social Network. The network located on SEOLawFirm.com has been tested over the last month by existing clients and invited attorneys. The few beta testers relayed valuable information back to SEOLawFirm.com which helped them make minor modifications to improve the user experience of the network.

Attorneys can now interact with other lawyers across the country, read blogs (also referred to as blawgs), and set up their own custom blog on the network. The attorney social network allows lawyers to create individual pages and blog posts within their account which then get shared across the network.

To make the service more valuable, SEOLawFirm.com is setting up syndication of blog posts from network users across multiple legal news and blawg outlets. The enhanced syndication will help social network users gain more visibility to their SEOLawFirm.com blog.

The company is limiting use of the social network to lawyers and law firms. If a company provides services to law firms, the principal of the organization must be an attorney.

The social network is the last large piece of the expansion. Over the last few months, SEOLawFirm.com has launched a new interactive website, an attorney directory with over 200,000 lawyers listed in the United States, and now the social network for law firms.

Future plans include a new website design program which will make a website more affordable for starting attorneys and a new service which will help lawyers more easily integrate their blogs with their Twitter accounts.

To learn more, visit http://seolawfirm.com/network.