In a new seven minute video produced by natural living expert Larry Cook, Dr. Simon Barker, ND – a California Licensed Naturopathic Doctor – explains how he uses the principles of natural living to help patients with cancer.

In a new seven minute video produced by natural living expert Larry Cook, Dr. Simon Barker, ND – a California Licensed Naturopathic Doctor – shares how he uses the principles of natural living – such as eating whole organic food, prescribing herbal formulas and using natural medicine – to successfully help patients with cancer.

In simple terms, cancer occurs when certain cells in the body behave erratically and independently without regard for the rest of the body. The cells replicate, usually growing into a mass. As the cancer grows, it can spread throughout the body and, if left unchecked, can eventually kill the person.

Dr. Barker says, “Patients who come to see me have usually already been diagnosed with cancer and are either in the midst of doing conventional treatment or are in remission. This means I’ll be interested in helping them minimize the side-effects of their treatment, or in helping them get to the root cause of what caused the cancer in the first place so that it won’t come back. I’ll run a number of lab tests to check how their body is functioning and then prescribe an appropriate treatment.”

“My first treatment goal is to help the immune system function properly again, and I usually start with dietary changes, such as eliminating sugar-based foods and processed foods, and incorporating whole organic foods.” “I’ll use specific nutritional supplements such as Vitamins A or D, herbs such as mistletoe, supplements such fish oil, as well as other natural remedies designed to help the body reverse the root causes of cancer. I’ve been working with cancer patients for over a decade, and when my patients follow my natural medicine protocol, I have a very good success rate,” says Barker.

Naturopathic Medicine is a natural medicine model that emphasizes the identification and treatment of the root cause of the disease or health condition in order to restore health. Conventional and alternative diagnostic testing is used to evaluate the root cause of disease symptoms and then diet and lifestyle modifications are prescribed along with appropriate nutrients, botanical medicine, homeopathic remedies and other natural therapies to enable healing of the affected areas of the body.

Mr. Cook says, “Natural living works because the body will heal itself when given the right conditions. When people take full responsibility for their food choices and lifestyle choices that affect overall health and also decide to work with a qualified natural medicine professional such as a Naturopathic Doctor, cancer can be prevented from returning.” To watch the video of Dr. Barker explain how he successfully helps patients who have cancer, visit To learn more about natural living, visit

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