/EINPresswire.com/ Hemp in creams treats inflammation and benefits dry skin,atopic eczema,psoriasis. Hemp has been known as a problematic plant for obvious reasons. The characteristics, thanks to which it is used as a drug dangerous for people, has overshadowed many of its advantages, which are known for thousands of years.

Cannabis was widely used in medicine already in the third millennium BC.

The oldest preserved written record of cannabis use dates back to the period of Chinese emperor Shen Nung, 2 737 years BC. Its possibilities were made us of in the past also by industry.

At present, especially the main producers took to cannabis, and it became a hit in cream.

According to producers, one of the unsaturated fatty acids contained in hemp – GammaLinoleic acid – is very similar to cutaneous fat. This natural lubricant provides the skin and hair with suppleness. Cannabis can provide for healthy development and life of skin cells. It is also perfect in water management. Therefore, medicinal cannabis is used for preparing preparations for sensitive skin of children from infancy,” explains the co-owner of Internet shop www.cannabis-cosmetics.com, Mr. Roman Zazirej

”Natural cosmetics made of hemp contain high concentrations of essential unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins A, B, C, D and E,” explains Ivana Kostkov√°, MD. from the department of dermatovenerology in Prague 10.

”These substances have strong antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and regeneration effects,” she says, adding that regular daily application protects skin from excessive drying, peeling and cracking.

”Creams and ointments made of hemp are therefore appropriate as complementary treatment of all skin diseases that would result from increased irritability, dryness and inflammation at all ages. These include eczema and psoriasis,” said Kostkov√°.