has announced they now carry fifty new types of electric cigarette batteries to accompany their electronic cigarettes and electronic cigarette kits.

/ VIRGINIA BEACH, VA –, a leading online retailer of smokeless cigarettes, confirms that 50 new types of electric cigarette batteries will now be available to better accommodate their customers.

Electric cigarettes perform similarly to traditional smoking and are exceptionally convenient as they give the user the tactile experience of smoking a cigarette without all the harmful ingredients, secondhand smoke and lingering cigarette smell. The smokeless cigarette is driven by modern microelectronic technology, which includes a small rechargeable battery and a replaceable cartridge containing water, propylene glycol, nicotine, and a scent that emulates a cigarette.

The website offers a variety of spare batteries, replacement atomizers, battery chargers as well as electronic cigarette cartridges. Extra batteries can be found in many colors including the traditional white, to blue, black, pink, green, platinum, gold as well as burgundy. There are also different lengths, including the PR110 battery which will last about 150 to 200 puffs before it needs to be charged again, the PR111 which will last about 200 to 220 puffs and the PR118 which is the longest lasting battery and will last the entire cartridge before it needs another charge. Along with the spare batteries, there are also extra wall, USB chargers and car chargers for various uses. The electronic cigarette’s battery is a 3.6V special lithium battery with a special charger, which cannot be replaced by other lithium batteries or chargers. The battery will withstand no less than 300 charges.

“With people constantly on the go, we came up with new batteries at various lengths to make enjoying electric cigarettes as easy as possible for our users, wherever they may be,” says Vitali Servutas, Owner of Premium Ecigarette (

Electronic cigarette kits are available to get the process started. There are a multitude of smokeless cigarette kits to choose from to suit one’s needs, however a typical electronic cigarette kit includes two smokeless cigarettes, which also contains the battery. When assembled with the e-liquid cartridge, it looks like a real cigarette. A number of refill cartridges are also included, which can range from a variety of flavors including classic tobacco, mint, vanilla, cherry, chocolate and coffee. Each cartridge is good for about 250 to 300 puffs, or the equivalent of several packs of cigarettes. The kit will also come with at least one battery, a wall charger as well as a USB charger.

About Premium Electronic Cigarette (, a subsidiary of PremiumEstore LLC, was established in December of 2008 and has since been providing the best brands of smokeless cigars and cigarettes all across the country. Based out of Virginia Beach, VA they offer same-day shipping. The company also has an office located in Europe for international orders.

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