Piracle Introduces RapidREMIT eXPRESS:
A Simple, Integrated Payment Processing System

/EINPresswire.com/ May 3, 2010 — Piracle is proud to introduce RapidREMIT eXPRESS, a single payment platform that consolidates check, debit card, credit card, and ACH payments in a secure, digital environment. This easy-to-use, PCI-compliant platform enables users to receive and deposit all payments from the comfort of any desktop location.

A few benefits of the RapidREMIT eXPRESS system:

• Cut costs by reducing touch points, labor, data entry errors, and needless treks to the bank.
• Limit exposure to risk by integrating payments and deposits into one secure, PCI-compliant platform.
• Build customer confidence by accommodating current payment relationships and providing single-source access to payment history.
• Reduce time & money spent on staff training and increase productivity by providing a single, easy-to-use system for all payment types.
• Ensure compliance with Federal and industry mandates for ID verification by offering real-time identity validation services.

RepidREMIT eXPRESS has partnered with FTNI to deliver a world class Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard solution.

To learn more about how RapidREMIT eXPRESS works or if the system is right for you, visit us online at www.rapidremitexpress.com.

Since 1991, Piracle has strived to combine security, dependability, and sustainability with our line of “Total Solution” payment management products. The creator of the popular Create-A-Check and PAYCENTREX systems, Piracle is one of the world’s leading providers of secure payment solutions.