The leading online retailer of electronic cigarettes,, has expanded its collection of E-cigarette cases to better serve their customers.

/ VIRGINIA BEACH, VA –, an online retailer of electronic cigarettes, has expanded its collection of E-cigarette cases. The new collection now includes a variety of portable cases appealing to both men and women, allowing smokers to utilize the cases as an extension of their personality.

The website already allows smokers to choose from a variety of options of electronic cigarette choices including batteries, flavor and cartridges with various nicotine levels. Batteries can be found in many colors including the traditional white, to blue, black, pink, green, platinum, gold as well as burgundy. There are also different lengths of batteries ranging from a shorter length of 150 to 200 puffs to a longer length of 200 to 220 puffs. Flavors range from classic tobacco, mint, vanilla, cherry, chocolate and coffee. Smokers can choose from five kinds of nicotine levels ranging from high (16mg), medium (11mg), low (6mg), ultra low (4mg) and zero (0mg), allowing customers to gradually decrease their nicotine level if they are trying to quit.

Along with the previous options, to accommodate both men and women, the cases that hold the E-cigarette now come in a variety of colors including black, green, white, red, lilac, pink as well as yellow. There is even a silver case with a pattern as well as a brown checkerboard case for those who would like to take a more fashion-forward approach to their smokeless cigarette cases. The premium smokeless cigarette cases for models PR110 and PR111 are designed to hold two batteries and two refill cartridges.

For people on the go, there is also an all new premium USB Power Case for models PR110 and PR111 with a built-in battery allowing users to fully recharge up to six premium smokeless cigarette batteries while on the road. The USB case contains an internal battery, taking about three to five hours to fully recharge the USB case battery and about two to four hours to fully charge the electric cigarette battery. The USB case is designed to recharge the electronic cigarette battery at least four times before the case has to be recharged, however both units can also be recharged at the same time.

“At, we understand that there is a progressing trend of people wanting to customize their belongings. People are so unique as it is that we wanted to give our customers the ability to express themselves with a variety of cases in multiple colors,” says Vitali Servutas, Owner of Premium Ecigarette (

Premium Electronic Cigarette, a subsidiary of PremiumEstore LLC, was established in December of 2008 and has since been providing the best brands of smokeless cigars and cigarettes all across the country. Located in Virginia Beach, VA they offer same-day shipping. The company also has an office in Europe for their international orders.

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