/EINPresswire.com/ Many people switch to electronic cigarettes out of curiosity. Others try these smokeless cigarettes as a way to make the switch to a greener, more cost effective way to get a nicotine fix. This year, one company is making a big push to get Moms to try their leading brand of electronic cigarettes.

That company is Green Smoke, a company said to be “innovative, up-and-coming, and truly impressive,” according to leading e-cigarette review specialist Gray. Gray’s popular blog is a resource for anyone looking for information on the popular smoking alternatives, and many users have submitted their Green Smoke reviews stating how they have been happy customers of the Florida-based company. This year, Green Smoke is making a splash with a Mothers Day sale.

“The fact that Green Smoke is ribbon-wrapping these gifts with a personalized card is truly impressive,” added Gray, who has a whole page on his site that talks about the promotion. “It’s been a fun ride watching this industry evolve, and Green Smoke has always been a step ahead of the curve, not just because of their superior product, but because they know how to get the message out there and market properly.”

The sale is a great way to get Moms to try something that can truly be a life-changer. Electronic cigarette smoking has many advantages that make it a wise choice over traditional cigarettes.

* E-Cigarettes can be 75% cheaper than smoking traditional cigarettes.
* You can smoke them anywhere.
* Quality brands have innovative technology and easy to replace cartridges. They also have many flavors to choose from.
* Green. No disposable cigarette or trash.
* No ash, and no smell to get in your clothing.

Many long time tobacco smokers have started trying the various e-cigarette brands. While there is a big movement by the FDA to outlaw electronic cigarettes because the long-term studies have not been documented yet regarding health claims, there is no doubt many people are supporting the electronic cigarette movement.

“People will continue to try e-cigarettes out of sheer curiosity,” added Gray. “People with families, like myself, are looking for ways to eliminate harmful odors and toxins, as it’s not a wise decision to smoke around children. In this economy, the e-cigarette is not only a safer way to smoke around your family, but it’s also a great way to make your paycheck last longer.”

You can read more about the electronic cigarette industry, as well as the Green Smoke Mothers Day sale, on Andy Gray’s E-Cigarette Review blog.

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