/EINPresswire.com/ SYRACUSE, N.Y., Apr. 29, 2010 — It is easy to get fed up and frustrated when your technology doesn’t work; to make matters worse, many customers find their frustrations intensify when reaching out for computer support. So what exactly is it that irks customers the most about their computer support experiences? RESCUECOM has come up with five computer support circumstances that cause customers to grumble the most.

1. Brand New Computer Problems

Nothing can seem more frustrating than needing computer support weeks or even days after purchasing your brand new computer. Nevertheless, it happens. Whether you’re seeing blue screens or just having trouble transferring files and settings from your old computer, you expected your new computer experience to be trouble-free; when it isn’t, the resulting frustrations are almost unavoidable. The best way to prevent problems with your new computer is for you to be prepared. Having the proper set-up for your computer, which includes choosing a firewall program and configuring your anti-virus program, is one of your best defenses. Just as crucial in preventing problems, know your technology! For help with a proper set-up or how to successfully maneuver around your machine, RESCUECCOM computer support specialists can help you today.

2. Warranty Catastrophe

For many, the idea of an extended warranty is a welcome safety blanket. However, three or four years down the line, the hoops you have to jump through to get computer support and repairs under warranty leave some people not feeling secure. Even if the computer is under warranty, countless customers have complained their big box store continually passed their computer issue from one person to the next, wouldn’t respond to their emails or phone calls and extensively made the customer give proof of an actual problem rather than testing and finding it themselves. Advice for the customers who still want a warranty is to read through all the stipulations that apply. If you agree to all the conditions, which many customers are never aware of until it is too late, then ask your warranty provider some questions. Knowing the average turnaround time and where the closest service center is are great ways for you to avoid frustration by knowing what to expect.

3. Difficulty of Access

For some customers, the time between deciding you need computer support to the time you actually get the computer repair proves to be the most intolerable. The majority of people today rely heavily on computers for work and their personal lives. When a computer issue arises, it’s important to get it resolved quickly to get life back on track. Finding the correct number to call, navigating through phone menu systems, talking with one agent, being put on hold, repeating the same conversation with a second agent, etc., can feel like one hopeless hurdle after the next.

4. The Repeat Computer Support Call

Imagine how you would feel after successfully traversing all the computer support obstacles and finding out you have to do it all over again because it didn’t work the first time! Many customers have been received remote and onsite computer support solutions, only to find out it wasn’t a solution at all. Whether the problem was never fixed or resurfaced shortly after, no one likes dealing with the same problem twice. The only way to help this situation is to use computer support providers who have certified technicians and who stand behind their work with comprehensive guarantees.

5. Bad Timing

Needing computer support will never occur at an opportune time. There is always somewhere else you need to be and something else you’d rather be doing. However, by selecting a computer support company that is willing to cater to your utmost convenience you will save yourself a lot of hassle.


RESCUECOM can fulfill all of your computer support needs in a fast and flawless fashion. From solving crisis situations to answering simple questions, RESCUECOM provides immediate support to you 24/7/365. For the best computer support available, contact RESCUECOM at 1-800-RESCUE-PC or visit us at www.rescuecom.com.

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