New parents’ health and ethical standards call for advanced qualities in organic children’s clothing. Levana Naturals, a new wholesaler of organic and fairly traded baby and children’s apparel, answers this need.

/ BEAVERTON, OR – When a mother slips an organic onesie onto her newborn, she wants to protect the environment and her child. Little does she know that ‘organic’ says nothing about how the raw fiber was processed. As often, the devil lies in the details. Even organic textile producers might use toxic dyes and finishes like flame retardants in their manufacturing process. These can build up in a baby’s tissue and enter the blood stream. Levana Naturals president and founder Beate Runze says most parents are unaware, but offers that there is a better way.

“I didn’t know about those risks until I became a mother and started to do some research;” says Runze. “The skin is the largest organ in a human body. And baby’s skin is much thinner than that of adults, which makes our little ones even more vulnerable. That’s what inspired me to take ‘organic’ one step further and create Levana Naturals.”

Levana Naturals, a new organic baby and organic children’s clothing wholesaler, is hoping to make a positive impact for families, communities and the environment. Beyond using organic fibers, all manufacturing processes have to meet the strict environmental criteria of the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Levana Naturals follows a ‘triple bottom line’ policy using health, environmental and social criteria to evaluate their business practices. With these values in mind, Levana Naturals carefully chooses their partners and producers.

“We want to buck the industry norm of exploiting labor,” adds Runze. “We are proud to work with fair trade initiatives that foster socially responsible development as well as organizations that help people with special needs.”

One such example is Pickapooh, a family run company which specializes in organic hats for babies and children. They have created an organic sun protective fabric that is certified to international UV standards. Pickapooh then donates 10% of their revenue made from hats to a local children’s hospice.

About Levana Naturals:
Levana Naturals is a wholesaler of organic and fair trade children’s apparel. Products range from baby essentials such as organic onesies, organic children’s underwear and organic wool baby blankets to entire collections with sizes up to 9 years to hard-to-find-items such as color grown cotton rompers, UV sun protective organic hats and infant sleeping sacks. The company’s mission is to protect the innocence and carefree nature of children, the environment they live in and the society they grow up in.

Retailers can visit the wholesale section of Levana Naturals’ website at for a selection of brands and product lines. Consumers can browse organic baby clothes and order directly online.

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