/EINPresswire.com/ May 5, 2010 — Celartia Ltd. announces the introduction of its new PetakaG3™ Cell Culture Device, citing it as a major breakthrough for its ability to reduce cell culture contamination, improve portability, save space, and cut costs for a wide range of biotechnology and medical purposes.

Unlike conventional culture devices, PetakaG3 is Virtually Hermetically Enclosed™—requiring no additional CO2, no additional humidity and effectively eliminating contamination, spills and leaks. As a result, live cells can be handled safely and shipped in PetakaG3 devices without requiring freezing and dry ice. In fact, its slim profile allows it to be carried in a pocket. Because of its compact size, labs can realize 15 times more cell culture surface, per incubator, achieving a cost saving of up to 32%.

“PetakaG3 is the most advanced cell culture incubation device available today,” says Dr. Emilio Barberá, CSO of Celartia. “It offers a long list of advantages other devices simply cannot—for cultivating cells, transporting them, collecting samples, and many other applications. One would need up to five or six separate products to do what PetakaG3 can do on its own. That’s why we’re very excited about the ability of this new technology to deliver groundbreaking quality, productivity and economic benefits to our customers.”

Many years in the making, PetakaG3’s innovative design is based on a re-sealable access port that keeps the interior of the device hermetic to exterior elements. Combined with a gas transfer quenching system and filtered exit vent, this permits safe and easy one-step access or retrieval. There are no caps or openings, no atmospheric contamination and no saturated humidity or added CO2 needed in the incubator. The number of routines and requirements are thus minimized, reducing cell culture costs.

Dr. Barberá foresees a future in which PetakaG3’s safe and efficient design will make it ideal for automated robotic systems that will be able to handle thousands of units simultaneously, virtually eliminating human intervention and error. “The difference between new PetakG3 and any other device for culturing cells is radical. It’s huge. We think it will be a boon to science and industry.”

PetakaG3 Cell Culture Devices are now available in the USA and Canada. Complete details, specifications and pricing information can be found on the Celartia websites at www.celartia.com or www.petaka.com, or by contacting Bill Van Huffel at 877-962-4687 or [email protected]

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