/EINPresswire.com/ CCRSG (Cedar Creek Sales Group, Inc) proudly introduces the launch of our newest operating division
Biomass Sales Careers.com (BSCC) – Connecting Biomass Producers with Qualified Sales & Marketing professionals.

“We clearly recognize our industry’s growing need for Biomass Producers to connect with Qualified Professional sales and marketing individuals or sales organizations”comments Joseph W. Majka Jr. President & CEO of Cedar Creek Sales Group . “Today’s marketplace will no longer support the business model of ‘build it and they will come’! Inside phone sales models are rapidly losing momentum in almost all regions. Sales are nominal and many of us need to revisit our sales strategies and operational structures.”

BSCC offers custom consulting services to our clients specifically for locating and fulfilling your sales & marketing needs. Our services are geared towards Wood Pellet Producers.

•Private, Secure, Pre- Identified Personnel search and recruitment.
• General Industry Network Searches.
•Selection consultation regarding Independent Rep Firms.
•Site survey and interviews of prospective individuals or Firms.
•On site review of your sales & marketing protocols.
•General Sales & Marketing Consultation. “Are you market ready?”
•Competitive, affordable, cost effective -We know our Industry!

BSCC also serves other industries including Utilities, Institutions, Manufacturing (Hearth) and Public entities.

We are also happy to discuss the feasibility of private individuals retaining our consultative services to be proactive in attaining their personal and professional goals in the Biomass industry.

Contact Us to Connect!

Contact us at [email protected] www.biomasssalescareers.com