/EINPresswire.com/ A hotel blaze in The Majestic Hotel Harrogate leaves one man dead. They are treating the fire as suspicious circumstances and it was obvious that the relevant Fire Safety Precautions had been put in place as the guests interviewed all claimed that the evacuation was handled very professionally.

The question on the publics lips is; how many restaurants, hotels, shops do people visit that have not invested in a Fire Safety Assessment or have a dedicated Fire Safety person in place.

Managing Director of Macdonald Martin Fire Safety Consultants quoted “This is a regular tragedy with fire however, it could have been a lot worse if there had not been the right fire procedures in place. We visit so many companies who do not hold Fire Safety as one of their main concerns; they see it as a cost they don’t need rather than an investment in saving lives”

Everybody goes out for meals, stays in a hotel and visits other establishments not thinking that if there was a fire, is their life at risk? Nobody should have to! It is law for anyone who owns a business or owns business premises to carry out a Fire Risk Assessment by a person who has had the relevent Fire Risk Assessment Training.

Thousands of businesses are fined each year due to not having the relevant Fire Precautions in place.

Andy quoted “When visiting businesses to carry out a Fire Risk Assessment we find all sorts of risks that would lead to fatalities if there was to be a fire. Fire Doors blocked by heavy goods and even worse no Fire Extinguishers or Fire Alarms” So everytime you visit a business you could be putting your own life at risk.

All Hotels and Restaurants need to be made aware that each time someone walks through their door they are responsible for the life of that person, therefore they need to put all the relevant fire precautions in place to prevent a fire and in the event of a fire they need to have all the right equipment/procedures to ensure that the fire is not fatal.

Macdonal Martin Fire Safety Consultants only employ Fire Risk Assessment Consultants that have served or are serving time in the Fire Brigade. Visit http://www.macdonald-martin.co.uk to prevent your business receiving a hefty fine or even worse causing a fatality in the event of a fire. They will carry out a professional Fire Risk Assessment and train your relevant staff to do the same on a regular basis.

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