/EINPresswire.com/ 5.10.2010 – (Los Gatos, CA) – Parents face an overwhelming number of options when choosing books for the young readers in their lives. Today, StorySnoops.com was launched, offering children’s book reviews that help parents make informed selections that are just right for their kids.

Created by moms, the innovative site provides a parent’s perspective on the content of books for children aged 9-18. Easy-to-use search tools help guide parents to books that reflect the experiences and interests of their children. Those who already have a book in mind can quickly look it up to learn more about its content. New books are added daily to the comprehensive selection of fiction for tweens and teens, which parents can follow on Facebook and Twitter.

“StorySnoops.com gives parents a factual account of the content found in children’s books so they can hook their readers with topics and characters that will interest them, as well as direct them to content that is age-appropriate,” said the website’s four founders.

Information provided for each book includes The Story — a plot summary, and The Scoop — a brief review that recaps of the book’s content written by the company’s four founders, who have personally read every book on the site. A list of Content Keywords accompanies each book to ensure that parents get the gist of significant subject matter. Relevant book details are presented, including genre, awards, publisher’s recommended age, main character gender, and series information. Parents will soon be invited to comment and share their thoughts about the books.

Launched during Children’s Book Week 2010, the ultimate goal of StorySnoops.com is to foster a life-long love of reading in children. To that end, a percentage of the site’s profits will be donated to organizations that support children’s literacy.

Judge a book by more than its cover™ by visiting StorySnoops.com.

News Facts:
•More than 32,000 Juvenile book titles were released in 2009.
•StorySnoops.com features more than 600 works of fiction for readers aged 9-18.
• New books are added to the site daily.
•The ultimate goal of StorySnoops.com is to foster a life-long love of reading in children
•Every book featured on StorySnoops.com has been read by a parent
•StorySnoops.com guides parents to books that are best for their children

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