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Norman, OK – Violent storms ripped through Tornado Alley on Monday, May 9, 2010, killing five people and injuring at least 58, as reported by USA Today.

The storms flattened homes, toppled tractor-trailers and tore down power lines. Hail was reported to be as large as baseballs and damaged car windshield and home sidings.

Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management spokesperson Jerry Lojka reported that two people were killed as a result of the tornadoes in Oklahoma City and three more were killed in Cleveland County. Cleveland County is south of Oklahoma City.

Officials from Oklahoma City reported the two deaths consisted of a young boy who was hit by debris during the storm and a man whose vehicle flipped on top of him. Details of the deaths from Cleveland County were unavailable.

Of the 58 injured persons, two suffered critical injuries.

After the storms ravaged homes, buildings and automobiles, many came out to inspect the damage. Tim Tegeler appeared with his wife and daughter once the coast was clear to inspect his windows, air conditioner and fence. He reported that the family saw the storm coming and they bunkered down in their laundry room with their fish tank.

Approximately 60 miles east of Oklahoma City, near Seminole, two known houses were leveled after a tornado went through. The town’s airport was extensively damaged and several planes were completely destroyed.

East of Oklahoma City, Interstate 40 was shut down due to major destruction.

Interstate 35 was closed briefly due to an overturned semi that took up all lanes.

More than 65,000 homes and businesses in Oklahoma were without power, according to the Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management.

The most serious damage in Kansas occurred in Belmont. Several homes were damaged and many were without power. There were no injuries reported.

The Storm Prediction Center at Norman had predicted tornadoes earlier after realizing the atmosphere contained the right mix of winds, heat and moisture.

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