/EINPresswire.com/ The worldwide leading tarps distributor, Tarps Plus has just announced the ground breaking of their new tarp facility. Along with the company’s leading web presence, www.tarpsplus.com, and its long-standing history as one of first tarp companies in the U.S., the tarp juggernaut aspires to go wider in it’s offerings.

The company’s expansion is due to the large amount of national disasters taking place in the U.S. and abroad. The tarps are an essential component after a storm or earthquake that enable people to cover their homes or structures to prevent subsequent water damage.

The state of the art facility will be located in the center of the U.S. to assure rapid distribution of tarps and emergency supplies as well as offering lower shipping costs to emergency agencies and the general public in need.

For more information about Tarps Plus go to: www.tarpsplus.com

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Tarps Plus has been the leading tarp supplier in North American since 1954. For more information: 38940 Trade Center Dr. Palmdale CA 93551 – 1-800-838-3057 – www.tarpsplus.com