/EINPresswire.com/ Massapequa, NY, USA. Honorable Roberno dismissed GMAC Mortgage; now Ally Bank, Case # 08-2985, against HTFC Corporation for lack of prosecution on December 2008. GMAC Mortgage was owned by Rescap, owned by Cerberus Capital Management. Cerberus by definition is a three headed dog that guards the gates of Hell. A horrific pro-found statement of itself..

GMAC Mortgage now Ally Bank’s attorney, Robert Bozdin of Kleinbard, Bell and Brecker, LLP who initiated the Summons against Aaron Wider on behalf of GMAC Mortgage , immediately re-filed on April 10, 2009, in an attempt to pierce the corporate veil of HTFC Corporation to sue Aaron Wider personally. Pacer indicates that Robert Bodzin violated FRCP by intentionally serving Mr. Wider at an unknown or assumed personal address and utilized a corporate address that was not in business for 2 years in effect to wrongfully receive a default judgment for $13,352,000 in favor of GMAC Mortgage, now Ally bank, by violating FRCP. Robert Bozdin in a motion to the Court requested that the Court deny the dismissal because Aaron Wider filed for the dismissal one year after the default judgment. Under FRCP, there is no time frame for a reasonable excuse. Bozdin’s affidavit of service purported proper service to 324 Clocks Blvd when the defendant lives at 312 Clocks Blvd. Pacer is the public access to Court electronic records and indicates that the damages were obtained by GMAC’s Paul Sullivan fraud manager, by testifying at the inquest in Eastern District Court on April 21st 2009; that the loans were fraudulently obtained”, yet fraud was never mentioned by the plaintiff GMAC Mortgage in the initial Summons and they never sued for fraud.

GMAC Mortgage sued for Diversity Breach of Contract. This is why GMAC never went to the authorities because their allegations would look very inept if they alleged a fraud on loans that were paid off prior to the commencement of their lawsuit, Pacer reflects that Paul Sullivan testified on behalf of GMAC Mortgage, now Ally bank and he committed perjury to obtain damages for GMAC Mortgage for 14 loans and 3 loans that GMAC never owned. These loans were paid off two years prior to the commencement of the lawsuits. Paul Sullivan’s title fraud manager is just that, as he manages fraud on behalf of GMAC Mortgage. This is exactly what has transpired in this case as per public records. The17 loans that were paid off and were transferred is in the amounted of $12,683,000, yet GMAC Mortgage alleged damages in the amount of $13,352,000 on 27 loans. Do the math! It does not add up.

Pacer indicates Robert Bodzin of Kleinbard, Bell and Brecker, committed subornation of perjury on behalf of GMAC to fraudulently obtain damages, regarding loans that were paid off that it was never entitled to. ยง61-5-3 the Penal code for penalties for perjury, subordination of perjury, and false swearing shall be confined in the penitentiary not less than one nor more than ten years, and a person convicted of false swearing shall be fined not more than one thousand dollars, and, in the discretion of the court, confined in jail not more than one year. And in either case the person convicted shall be adjudged forever incapable of holding any office of honor, trust or profit in this state, or of serving as a juror. This evidence was submitted in a motion to dismiss by Mr. Wider and was submitted to the Court and was visible on Pacer but was immediately taken off of Pacer for further scrutiny by the Court because of borrower personal Information . Robert Bodzin, Plaintiff’s attorney did not respond to the last 3 motions submitted by Mr. Wider to the Court as per the evidence submitted by Mr. Wider out of public humility and embarrassment. The motions to dismiss by Mr. Wider were filed on 01/15, 1/28, 2/23, 4/13/ and 05/15 2010 and is presently being reviewed by the Courts Honorable Roberno for a decision. The public may contact Mr. Wider for copies of the filed motions on Pacer.

The Public may contact Aaron Wider at 347-245-5524 [email protected]