Miami, Florida ( — Miami wrongful death lawyer – Attorney Andrew B. Yaffa was interviewed recently by WPLG Local 10 News in South Florida about a local area pharmacist who has been taken into federal custody and charged with running an illegal Internet pharmacy outfit from his Miami drug store.

Wayne Thomas White, a state licensed pharmacist at Superior Drugs in Miami, now faces a staggering 314 years in prison and fines totaling nearly $6.9 million for what the Feds say was a scam that virtually “opened the world’s medicine cabinet.”

According to reports, White was making top dollar by selling prescriptions drugs over the Internet to customers who had never seen a doctor. The Feds say White was filling bogus prescriptions and sending the drugs to buyers all over the country.

White is now being charged with a laundry list of charges including distribution of controlled substances, international money laundering, mail fraud, and even wrongful death.

In a recent wrongful death suit brought against White, attorneys are working to prove that Clara Lynn Waltz, a Texas woman, died of Phentermine toxicity as a result of the popular, but potent weight loss drug sold to her illegally by White and Superior Drugs.

“The only prescriptions that we know of that resulted in this lady getting the drug that killed her came through Wayne Thomas White’s pharmacy,” Miami wrongful death lawyer Andrew B. Yaffa told WPLG Local 10 News.

“There’s no question that he killed her.”

In a deposition given by White, some 60 percent of his business came from online pharmaceutical sales.

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