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Kevin Quinlan, president of Cepac lawyer marketing group discusses why law firm marketing programs must include these search engine optimization tricks for legal websites to be competitive and improve their natural search results for more cost effective lead generation than pay per click advertising.

Search engine optimization for law firms (SEO) is the strategy of increasing the number of unique visitors to a firm web site from search engines via “organic” search results rather than pay-per-click advertising.

As more and more prospects search online for legal services locally, there is greater competition for law firms to achieve high page one search engine ranking. The number of legal websites on the Internet is not as important as the number of sites in your local area of influence with whom you are competing for that cherished page one, position one spot on Google and the other search engines. Now that many more law firm marketing programs are including search engine optimization strategies rather than just having an online brochure, it is important to use every tool in the box to achieve higher natural search results.

Here are five tips that can help your law firm’s web marketing efforts:

1. Use key words in the document title of your attorney website.

Too many law firm websites only include the name of the firm rather than geo-? targeted key words such as New York City Car Accident Lawyer.

2. Increase the quantity and quality of the web pages and social media that link to your site.

This can be accomplished through the syndication of law firm news, commentary ? updates and press releases.

3. Be certain to use key words in the body text of your web page.

The body text is the content on you page that can be seen by visitors in their web ? browsers and does not include HTML code. The greater the quantity of visible ? text on a page, the more there is for the search engines to index.

4. Be certain to use key words in the headline text on the page (H1)

Some search engines give more weight to search terms that appear in the headline

5. Use key words in the domain name.

Rather than using the name of the firm as the URL, it is helpful to use a geo-? targeted key word such as “yourcityinjurylawyer.com”

If your firm is considering an attorney web marketing program, working with a lawyer web design shop that follows all of Google’s design, content, technical and quality guidelines and specializes in SEO for attorneys can ensure that your firm has the best chance to achieve high page one rankings and grow your practice.

For more information on SEO for attorneys, or law firm website design, contact Kevin Quinlan.

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