The state’s governor has signed a new bill which targets a school ethnic studies program.

Arizona ( – Controversy has again ensued over a measure signed by the governor of Arizona that pertains to race, weeks after she signed an illegal immigration bill that sparked widespread protests. As reported by the Associated Press (AP), Governor Jan Brewer recently signed a measure that targets an ethnic studies program taught in a school district.

As noted in the report, Tom Horne, state schools chief and strong proponent of the bill, regards the Mexican American studies program as one that emphasizes the oppression of Latinos by whites. Human rights experts from the United Nations condemned the new bill, which prohibits the promotion of ethnic solidarity in classes, stating it is the right of individuals to learn about their cultural heritage.

Sean Arce, director of the Tucson Unified School District’s Mexican-American Studies program, is quoted by the AP as stating, “It’s a highly engaging program that we have, and it’s unfortunate that the state Legislature would go so far as to censor these classes.” – The latest in Legal News