/EINPresswire.com/ LOCARNO, SWITZERLAND – May 14, 2010 – Second Lif, the world premiere of XUACSAL, a contemporary classical music concert by the composer Emanuel Dimas de Melo Pimenta, will happen at the Second Life May 23, 2010. The performers will be, the composer himself playing digital systems and the Italian classical guitarist Francesco Cuoghi, both will perform in real time. The designer David Lucas Desiderio specially created the virtual space for the concert.

XUACSAL is a composition based on the paintings of prehistoric caves of Lascaux, France. Since the late 1970s, Emanuel Pimenta has developed a technique of composition with notation created inside virtual environments. Through such technique, fragments of those prehistoric paintings, dating from about fifteen thousand years ago, are transformed into three-dimensional elements in computers. These elements basically determine the performance of the sounds by the musicians.

Emanuel Pimenta was composer for Merce Cunningham, collaborating with John Cage, for about twenty-five years in New York City. Francesco Cuoghi is a professor at the Conservatory of Florence, Italy, and studied at the IRCAM in Paris. David Lucas Desiderio lives in Brazil, Sao Paulo, and completed his MA thesis with a revolutionary virtual space inside Second Life. The sound production is made in Rio de Janeiro by Pablo Valenasa, also known as PV Slade, founder of the Xtream Hotspot Streams.

Each of the men resides in a different part of the world and has no personal relation with the next. With Emanuel Pimenta in Locarno, Switzerland, Francesco Cuoghi, in Rome, Italy, David Lucas Desiderio in Bauru, a city near Sao Paulo, Brazil and Pablo Valenasa in Rio de Janeiro, they will perform from different parts of the world. On May 23rd, the performance will begin at 16:00 in New York, 17:00 in Brazil, 21:00 in London, and 22:00 in Paris with a performance duration of thirty-eight minutes. The entrance to the concert is free, however, prior to admittance you must sign up with Second Life.
Although a simple and free procedure, it is advised that people who are not already in Second Life complete their registration and login in to Second Life no later than one hour before the concert.

For more information on the concert, biographies of the participants and a short film about the score, please visit:


To Contact the Composer:
Luciana Freire
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tel: +41 91 7913911

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Dateline: May 14, 2010 … Locarno, Switzerland
Contact: Emanuel Pimenta
Phone: 41 91 7913911
E-Mail: [email protected]
Web Address: http://www.emanuelpimenta.net/xuacsal.html