Small business owners can now proactively reduce their monthly interest expense – with no risk.

/ Plymouth Meeting, PA – May 16th, 2010 — MultiFunding announced the launch of its new Business Loan Consolidation Program that creates opportunities for small business owners to reduce their monthly interest expense – with no financial risk.

The process is simple: MultiFunding conducts a free analysis of the client’s debt structure then submits the refinancing opportunity to it’s network of lenders. The client is then presented with the best possible funding alternative.

“Small businesses change over time and so should their debt structure,” says Ami Kassar, CEO of MultiFunding LLC.” As a business grows, there are often chances to refinance their debt at more favorable terms. MultiFunding has found a way to help them, with a program that requires virtually none of their time. They pay us only if we can save them money.”

How much can a small business save? MultiFunding is working with one client to refinance a factor arrangement to a line of credit. Once the transaction is complete, the client is anticipated to reduce their interest expense by forty-five percent.

“Savings results vary,” says Kassar, “but this is a great time for small business owners to consider debt consolidation. Interest rates for small business loans are at an all time low.”

Typically, small business owners think about their financing reactively, like when they need additional capital for expansion, acquisition, or when an existing loan is coming due. Most small businesses are too involved in running their day-to-day operations to proactively think about opportunities to refinance and consolidate their existing debt. MultiFunding presents an easy solution to this.

MultiFunding works with clients across the United States to secure the top business loans and consolidation packages — at the lowest possible rates. The company was founded in January, 2010 and is currently evaluating over $30,000,000 of financing opportunities for it’s clients. MultiFunding’s strategic partner, Biz2Credit LLC has funded over $250,000,000 in small business loans.

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