/EINPresswire.com/ Cloud hosting provider Cloud.bg announced today the official launch of its Reseller Cloud Hosting, a plan that offers online entrepreneurs the opportunity to move to the clouds risk-free without a need to deal with system administration or software licensing.

The web host made possible for its resellers to use familiar Reseller Hosting control panel of cPanel Inc. – Web Host Manager (WHM) on the cloud. The Reseller plan called rCloud features 2,000 GB of premium bandwidth, 100 GB quality replicated SAN storage and allows clients to host up to 200 websites on a high availability, load-balanced cluster of servers.

Resellers get private DNS, free Dedicated IP, Cloud Analytics, Antispam, Antivirus, Horde Groupware E-Mail and other features typical for the L.A.M.P hosting services. The rCloud support mySQL 5, Apache 2.2, PHP 5.2 and Perl 5.8 software versions.

It costs only €48.57/month ($60) when customers sign up for annual subscription. Semi-annual, quarterly and pay as you go contracts are also available. All Reseller accounts are hosted in Cloud.bg’s state-of-the-art data center ( http://www.cloud.bg/en/data-center-sofia-bulgaria ) 3DC, located in Sofia, Bulgaria, European Union.

Resellers can easily assign additional amounts of SAN space and bandwidth. Each 1 GB of disc space is priced at €0.20 ($0.25). An additional 1 GB of data transfer costs only €0.03 ($0.037). Reseller account holders are charged for additional space and bandwidth on per usage/per month model. The allocated amount of resources can be upgraded or downgraded multiple times during each billing cycle. Customers are not charged for resource usage for the upcoming billing cycle when they cancel the resources prior to next due date.

Shared cPanel Cloud

Those who do not need Reseller Hosting, but still want to move to the clouds risk-free while paying a low cost annual fee can take advantage of the company’s Shared Cloud Hosting services.

This month Cloud.bg has opened a promotional campaign on its Shared Cloud Hosting. The provider adds 6 Free service months to all new accounts. It saves €92/year ($124) on average to site owners who sign up for SCloud plan on semi-annual or annual subscription periods. The sCloud plan features 100 GB premium replicated SAN storage 1,000 GB monthly bandwidth, Free Cloud Analytics and 100% network uptime. All cloud accounts use the most popular web hosting automation control panel – cPanel.

Low Cost SSL certificates

The cloud host has recently announced the addition of the highest assurance SSL certificate ‘Green Bar – EV SSL’, produced by Comodo to its service portfolio. Cloud.bg sells the EV SSL at €299/year ($399). The ‘Green Bar EV SSL’ is an Extended Validation SSL Certificate that offers 2,048-bit, next generation encryption and is compatible with 99.3% of web browsers, including all Mozilla, Internet Explorer and Safari versions.

Cloud.bg also sell single-domain SSL certificates at €29/year ($38.60).

About Cloud.bg

Cloud.bg ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cloud.bg ) is a Limited liability company incorporated in Sofia, Bulgaria, The European union in 2006. The company does business in United States through its U.S. partner company Host Color LLC.

Cloud.bg’s average round-trip delay (RTT) time for European home users ranges from 1.5 ms to 60 ms. Pinged from London it is reachable for 47 ms or less, from Ljubljana, Slovenia – 35 ms, from Paris – 71 ms or less, from Madrid – 77, from Berlin – 47 ms, from Sofia, Bulgaria – 1.5 ms. The average RTT for Israel is 97 ms.

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