/EINPresswire.com/ Shoshanna Rikon is the only matchmaker specializing in bringing together Jewish singles with the intention of marriage and continuing the traditions of a Jewish family. A natural matchmaker, Shoshanna has always had a knack for setting up friends and can be credited as the catalyst for numerous marriages since she started the business over 10 years ago.

Working as a recruiter, she asked married clients where and how they met their spouses and found herself matching up single clients with one another as well as with her well of friends and colleagues. As a result, her passion became a reality when she started NYC’s first exclusively Jewish Matchmaking Business.

The tradition of Jewish Matchmaking goes as far back as the Old Testament. A shidduch, the Hebrew word for bringing together two people for the sake of marriage is considered a mitvah, or a good deed. When a couple decides to marry, they have found what is considered to be their bashert, which one might say means, ‘You complete me,’ or ‘You had me at Shalom.’

Through the past ten years, Shoshanna Rikon she has been featured and quoted in a myriad of news outlets, TV shows, web sites and newspapers such as ABC news, Dr. Phil, The New York Times, CNN.com, Fox News (local and syndicated), The New York Post, The Daily News, MSN, Nerve.com and USA Today, to name a few. In addition to her matchmaking business, Shoshanna frequently lectures singles on dating and provides advice and tips for making relationships work.

Shoshanna welcomes the challenges she encounters in the matchmaking process. She says, “In this age of technology with emailing and texting, it’s nice to be part of something that brings back life’s basic pleasures…” One of the only other remnants of time-honored traditions is the wedding invitation, which Shoshanna happily opens from clients on a monthly basis. She can count hundreds of marriages under her belt since starting her business just over a decade ago. Contributing to one’s bashert is gratifying for her. Shoshanna says, “Having a business that helps people find love is really a dream come true. There aren’t many jobs that you are able to put your passion into while having an affect on so many lives in such a big way.” Shoshanna plans on expanding her business to other major cities in the future. As her tagline says, “Her only competition is mom.”

Jewish singles (or their well-meaning family members and friends) can visit shoshannasmatchmakingservice.com or call 1-800-996-3213 for more information.

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