Lawyer marketing firm, CEPAC, discusses the five questions every lawyer should ask when finding the right video production company for their marketing needs.

May 14, 2010 – Lawyer marketing has become multifaceted with the advent of numerous technologies that allow legal professionals to connect with their clients and prospective ones in more convenient and effective ways. Video production has become one of the most powerful and cost-effective means of distributing marketing messages to prospective clients through television and online. Not only does it provide a means of attaching a face to messages, it also helps put prospective clients at ease in feeling a sense of trust or a connection with an attorney before choosing them for representation. However, before utilizing the services of a video production company, one must take steps to ensure that they have the knowledge and experience to effectively meet their needs. Lawyer marketing firm CEPAC presents five key questions attorneys should ask before choosing a video production company for hire.

Act Like a Client, Think Like a Lawyer

Attorneys must put their inquisitive nature to work for them when deciding which production company to use. The following are five primary questions that should be asked before taking this major step.

• Does the video producer have legal experience? – Choosing a producer who specializes in shooting footage for attorneys benefits lawyers and firms because experienced producers understand how to best showcase an attorney’s attributes.

• Does the video producer already know one’s target audience? Experience in the legal field helps producers better understand how messages from attorneys are best conveyed to their target audiences.

• Will the completed video be uploaded onto one’s blog, website, social networking site pages, or other online locations? Social media and websites are prime locations for exhibiting videos produced by attorneys designed for marketing purposes because a significant percentage of one’s target audience is found online.

• Is SEO included? SEO for videos help those searching for related content easily locate them online.

• How techno-savvy does one have to be to utilize the production services? Turnkey content is more efficient for the busy lifestyles of lawyers, whose marketing solutions need to be ready right when they need it.


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