Cuts Development Costs – Anidea Engineering Releases Customizable Low Cost Embedded Controller for Entertainment and Lighting Industry

System incorporates DMX, Motor, PWM and Triac Control with a LCD User Interface

/ Wellington, FL – May 24, 2010 — Anidea Engineering now offers customizable OEM, DMX capable embedded controller boards at an affordable price. The AEI2000-DMX incorporates many features required for today’s sophisticated fixtures.

For the last ten years Anidea Engineering has designed DMX controller boards for the leading lighting and special effects companies. Their products are also in use at several major theme parks. That experience has given them insight into the exact needs of the industry. Companies are looking for off the shelf boards that can be programmed or customized for controlling many types of embedded systems. Anidea is filling that gap by offering AEI2000-DMX units for as low as $79.00.

Snowmasters, Inc. has been using DMX controllers designed by Anidea Engineering for over eight years. Francisco Guerra, Snowmasters president, states, “It is about time someone had a product that can do almost anything with DMX on board. Easy to integrate and program. Great customer support too.”

Designed to fit OEM price ranges, these off-the-shelf (COTS) programmable controllers offer a 20 x 2 character backlit LCD display with on board five pin DMX connectors. There are also three channels of PWM output, dual motor drivers, zero-cross AC triac controller, analog input, real time clock, relay output and an expansion port. Four buttons and three LEDs round out the user interface.

The AEI 2000 is stocked in four standard configurations targeted for various markets from professional theatrical equipment to embedded systems. Custom variations can be accommodated in quantities as few as 10.

Anidea Engineering can also provide application development support at a fraction of the cost of full system development. Additionally, a software development kit is available for users who wish to program and develop the software application themselves for $329.

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