/EINPresswire.com/ As people look for a safer alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes, the electronic cigarette industry continues to grow by leaps and bounds, according to electronic cigarette review specialist Andy Gray, who has been a lead reporter on the subject for almost a year now.

The many idiosyncrasies of traditional cigarettes have led many long-time smokers to make the switch to the electric version of smoking, also called ‘vaping’ by people who have taken up the hobby. People cite many reasons, such as ‘no smell,’ ‘no ash,’ “no tar,’ and ‘no environmental damage,’ as to why they have made the switch to electronic cigarettes, which are also called ‘e–cigs’ by seasoned hobbyists.

“I’ve been very impressed with the way the industry has advanced,” stated Gray. “There are many improvements I have seen firsthand which tells me that the companies making these products are very serious about the long-term outlook of the industry. It’s been pretty cool watching it all unfold before my eyes and being a reporter on the subject,” concluded Gray.

When asked about what improvements he was most impressed with, Gray put down his trusty Green Smoke Electronic Smoke and almost jumped out of his seat.

“Just basic things that were not in place even one year ago. For example, a new brand of smokeless cigarettes I have been testing is called Freedom Smokeless Cigarettes – they have a program that automatically sends you new cartridges each month, so you don’t have to do anything except walk to your mailbox. A big reason I quit smoking traditional cigarettes was the fact that it is often a big chore to buy them. Sometimes I’d have to pack up the family, (easier said than done) get everyone strapped into their car seats, then waste gas money to drive 10 minutes down to the local gas station. Often times there can be a line of people, which is a waste of time, and worst yet, sometimes they don’t even stock my favorite brand! Having the peace of mind knowing that I don’t have to go through that nightmare again is something that makes me sleep easier at night. The auto-shipment of new cartridges by Freedom Smokeless Cigarettes is something I thought was very cool, and I am sure other companies will follow suit.”

Other improvements Gray has seen over the last year include USB battery chargers, which allow e-smokers to charge their batteries at work or in their home office, as well as an expansion of the many flavors offered across the brands. “Some people are very set in their smoking ways,” added Gray, “if you are a menthol smoker, you can rest assured that electronic cigarettes offer you that same great menthol taste you experience when you smoke a Newport, for example.”

It’s no secret the electronic cigarette industry is here to stay. With many advantages over traditional cigarettes, the general public is finally picking up the many benefits of electronic cigarettes.

Asked where he thought the industry would go next, Gray had a quirky, yet very spot-on reply. “Hollywood. With the great marketing minds behind these companies, you know that a deal is simmering somewhere. It won’t be long before a major reference is made to electronic cigarettes by a major actor or motion picture company. That’s just a gut feeling, but if I were handling the business angle from a companies standpoint, I’d do all I could to get the message across in a mass medium such as a major motion picture.”

Whether he is right or wrong, Gray’s electronic cigarette review blog remains one of the hottest websites on the internet.

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