/EINPresswire.com/ The 2010 FIFA World Cup will be commencing June 11 but according to Irbtrax SEO Social Media marketing it’s not too early to make a prediction about one of the biggest winners. Based on early research and longer term trends all indications point toward measurable success for the various Social Media marketing strategies being employed by businesses during the 2010 World Cup. Strategies that will include targeted and highly creative Twitter, Facebook and YouTube social networking marketing techniques. Social networking techniques designed to connect with World Cup fans on global and regional levels by leveraging the immense popularity of the FIFA World Cup. The first World Cup since the astonishing growth of Facebook and Twitter in addition to the acceptance of Social Media marketing as a results oriented promotional strategy.

Irbtrax SEO MMO Social Media Internet marketing and Market Research will be monitoring the early social networking results and ongoing developments by publishing a series of press releases and articles. Press releases and articles that will contain brackets featuring a group of Social Media networking ‘favorites’ along with information to support the choices. Each featured bracket will contain four World Cup dedicated social media campaigns along with a concise description of what makes their social networking strategy unique. Irbtrax will be creating and distributing up to eight of these Social Media brackets starting in June.

According to Irbtrax founder Scott Moir the fact that companies directly or indirectly involved in the event will be aggressively pursuing Social Media strategies should come as no surprise. Data supports that Football (Soccer in North America) is the number one participatory sport in the world and statistics show that the FIFA World Cup has been the most widely viewed sporting event in history. Adding- “Social Media existed the last time the World Cup was held but the scale and application was far different. There’s estimates that if Facebook and Twitter were actual countries they would be the third largest in the world. That’s a large part of what makes this World Cup unique from a social networking perspective.”

A partial list of the companies, sponsors and sources that will be contained in these featured brackets include: Adidas, Coca Cola, Sony, Visa, Budweiser, McDonalds, FNB South Africa, Nike, Punters Paradise, Wikitude, Hyundai, FIFA itself and independently developed Facebook and Twitter accounts devoted to the 2010 World Cup.

Two of these social media brackets have been intentionally left open. One for companies that suddenly make noise during the event and one for companies that contact Irbtrax expressing an interest in being featured. Companies contacting Irbtrax are not guaranteed inclusion but Mr. Moir has stated they will review any information provided and choose at least four participants acknowledging “we anticipate there will be hundreds of smaller budget campaigns deserving of global attention”.

After or near the conclusion of the World Cup Irbtrax will revisit each bracket and choose a ‘Social Media World Wide Cup’ (1) winner based on criteria that includes popularity, creativity, relevancy and an indication of success. The winners will be featured cost free in visible online submissions that include an explanation of why they were chosen and supported by data where available.

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About: Irbtrax provides Social Media Internet marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Mobile Media Optimization and Market Research solutions for businesses seeking a competitive advantage. Including optimizing your online marketing efforts for Google Caffeine and a keen focus on results. (1) The ‘Social Media World Wide Cup’ is not affiliated in any manner with the FIFA World Cup.

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