/EINPresswire.com/ SmokePower.com a leading electronic cigarettes company offering high quality products and customer service have now added a 20% Memorial Day Discount and Free Shipping to their current and new members. For a limited time only.

A discount of 20% is a great incentive on a wonderful holiday while shopping for a electronic cigarette. This popular website also gives you free shipping on all products. SmokePower.com is a leading online retailer of electronic cigarettes, accessories and e-liquids. With 5 Star Reviews for their customers there is no need wonder if your going to get high quality products and customer service.

If you purchase a Ultra Kit normally 79.99 you get a instant 20% off of -$15.99 makes the kit $63.99! That is a amazing savings right away. Plus free shipping! This 20% discount will remain on your account as a loyal member until the discount expires sometime in June 2010.

Now more than ever smoker are buying the electronic cigarette, also called the ecigarette. It is designed in a way that it simulates a real smoking experience by creating a water based vapor containing nicotine, propylene glycol (to make the vapor look like smoke) and a tobacco flavor (not actual tobacco). This product comes in many shapes, sizes and colors. Available are also cigars and pipes that work on this concept.

Nicotine in itself is not a carcinogen (cancer producing substance), unlike most of the chemicals in real cigarettes, although nicotine can be damageable if consumed in to large quantities. This is often a big misunderstanding. A few of the worst carcinogens found in real cigarettes are tar, ammonia, carbon monoxide and arsenic, together with a couple dozen of other dangerous substances.

The electronic cigarette is just a small device sometimes even looking like a real cigarette. It contains a battery that can be recharged. The electronic cigarette contains a cartridge, which can be replaced when it empty. One cartridge is equal to 1 or 2 packets of cigarettes depending on the brand.

A couple of other benefits of the electronic cigarette are:

· No odors, so you can virtually smoke everywhere without bothering a single person.

· No second hand smoking for people around you.

· It’s cheaper than real cigarettes.

SmokePower.com carries a super high quality electronic cigarette line that has excellent customer reviews on the website. They also offer a nice variety of E-liquids as well.

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