Industry leader in comfortable FR wear and police shirts, DRIFIRE boasts top ratings from recent wear test with Delaware police department.

/ COLUMBUS, GA – DRIFIRE, leading manufacturer of comfortable flame resistant (FR) clothing and law enforcement apparel, received high ratings in a recent wear test conducted with law enforcement officials at a Delaware police department. DRIFIRE provided DRIFIRE Comfortable FR Wear short-sleeve, lightweight T-shirts, to law enforcement officers, who field-tested the shirts under their regular body armor for an average of 15 days. Wearers then completed a survey and rated the DRIFIRE shirts against their usual base layer shirts, most of which were 100 percent cotton.

“When we’re out on patrol, we wear a base layer, our body armor, which can weigh up to 20 lbs, and our uniform on top of that. The minute we encounter high-stress situations that require us to move quickly, we get hot and sweaty really quickly. The DRIFIRE shirts felt very soft and lightweight, and did a great job keeping me cooler and drier, not to mention less smelly, which is a big problem with other base layers,” said Michael Downs, a supervisor and one of the officers involved in the wear trial. “I felt like I was wearing my favorite T-shirt underneath my armor, and at the end of the day, I still felt dry and odor free.”

Participants rated DRIFIRE Comfortable FR Wear moisture wicking shirts on a range of comfort properties, including dryness, temperature, odor control, heat exhaustion, and skin irritation and compared them to the garments they typically wear. Test data was collected based on their real world experience with the shirts, and revealed high marks across all attributes. When asked how satisfied they were with the DRIFIRE police shirts overall, 88 percent of respondents reported being very/extremely satisfied with the garments.

“I never realized what a difference the clothes on my back made until I tried the DRIFIRE shirts. It was great to not have to worry about being sweaty and stinky all day, and be able to focus on the tasks at hand instead,” said Downs. “DRIFIRE is a truly remarkable product, and I would gladly wear their protective garments on the job every day.”

DRIFIRE Comfortable FR Wear (, a premier developer, manufacturer and marketer of comfortable flame resistant clothes, offers garments that provide maximum comfort, moisture management and flame resistance to people working in the military, law enforcement, electric utilities, and other environments where flame and arc-flash are a concern. DRIFIRE’s superior drirelease technology and wide product selection have helped it quickly become one of the leading FRC clothing brands. For all of the latest DRIFIRE news and updates, follow us on Twitter ( and Facebook (

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