/EINPresswire.com/ San Jose, Calif., – Mountz introduces the next generation of the TorqueMate(R) Digital Torque Screwdriver. The TorqueMate is a microprocessor controlled digital torque screwdriver. Featuring a new large LED screen, the electronic screwdriver ensures product quality, cost savings and a reduction in overall production failures through complete monitoring of the fastening and assembly process with full data collection of the measured values. The efficiency and manufacturing cost-savings that the TorqueMate provides, will ultimately translate into more products shipped quickly, with fewer defects.

The user-friendly interface makes it quick and simple to setup torque testing and auditing parameters with the electronic screwdriver. The compact TorqueMate screwdriver features a memory capacity that stores more than 2000 values; detailing date, time, and torque measurement values. The statistical data can be easily downloaded from screwdriver allowing operators to evaluate the torque results in ASCII or binary format and store test data. In manufacturing environments, test data for tools are commonly shared between various departments, typically Research & Development, Production, Cal Lab and Quality Control. The TorqueMate allows for easy data sharing.

As an advanced torque controlling, monitoring and documentation solution, TorqueMate digital screwdriver enables operators and engineers to ensure product quality, safety and reliability promptly in a variety of manufacturing environments. The TorqueMate can be used for torque calibration, joint testing, auditing or verification of torque applied. Designed for R&D, Quality Control, a lab, and maintenance or production areas the TorqueMate electronic screwdriver is ideal for testing and storing test data for ISO, SPC and QC documentation.

The flexible TorqueMate screwdriver features programmable pre-sets (max. 99) that can be uploaded from PC (software provided), with all the individual minimum and maximum limits and percentage tolerances. Mountz offers various models of the TorqueMate digital screwdriver that covers a torque range capacity of 7.1 ozf.in up to 12 lbf.ft. The screwdriver provides audible and visual alarm signals for the operator as he/she approaches and achieves preset torque values. And it also provides an over torque warning system. The digital screwdriver is designed for the global manufacturing market as it provides the ability to select the following languages: Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

Controlling torque is quintessential for companies to ensure their product’s quality, safety and reliability isn’t compromised. The failure of a three-cent fastener that isn’t properly tightened can lead to catastrophic or latent failures. Fasteners that are insufficiently torqued can vibrate loose and excessive torque can strip threaded fasteners. Using a quality electronic torque screwdriver has become increasingly important for many companies to ensure that proper torque is being applied and maintains gauge requirements associated with the ISO 9001 Quality Standard.