Dallas, TX (Press Release)—With summer steadily approaching, kids are outside and ready to jump into their pools to cool off from the heat, prompting the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to kick off their Pool Safely Campaign. Dallas, Texas personal injury attorney, Amy K. Witherite reminds parents that simple safety precautions can potentially save your child’s life.

The CPSC reported that from 2005-2007 there was an annual average of 385 pool and spa-related drownings for children younger that 15-years-old; 299 of these children were under 5-years-old. Seventy-four percent of all deaths from 2005-2007 occurred at residences involving children younger then 15-years-old.

To help keep your children from becoming another statistic, there are some simple safety precautions parents can take: