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Coral Springs, FL—A teenager from West Palm Beach was tragically killed when his motorcycle became involved in an unfortunate collision with a sport utility vehicle. The fatal accident occurred in Coral Springs Saturday morning, June 5, 2010, according to information provided by the Sun-Sentinel.

Michael Ferraz Lanzoni, 17, was operating his Suzuki motorcycle eastbound on Wiles Road. Simultaneously, a 2005 Ford Escape SUV made a left turn from the westbound lanes. As a result, Lanzoni’s motorcycle struck the SUV. He was ejected on impact.

According to Coral Springs Police Sgt. Joe McHugh, Lanzoni succumbed to his tragic injuries at the scene. The driver of the Ford SUV, 21-year-old Andrea Baigorria, was transported to Coral Springs Medical Center. Baigorria was treated by medical professionals and subsequently released.

Preliminary witness accounts seemed to indicate Lanzoni had been traveling at an excessively high rate of speed and carelessly merged in and out of traffic prior to the motorcycle wreck. A police officer that witnessed the crash also contended he saw Lanzoni run a red right just before impact.

Friends of Lanzoni have made use of social networking services, such as Facebook, to express their grief over the tragic loss. “Never going to be able to see your smile, feel your hug, hear your voice,” read one Facebook entry.

Any witnesses with information concerning the deadly motorcycle-SUV collision have been urged to contact Office Eric Schuster of the Coral Springs Police Department Traffic Unit at (954) 346-1247.

Investigations continue.

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