Raleigh, North Carolina (WiredPRNews.com) — The traditional marital model has seen many changes to its fundamental norm over the passage of time, ranging from the average age of a newly married couple to the role that each spouse plays. Inevitably, the means of divorce has changed a great deal as well.

As couples begin to fully comprehend that litigation can be financially exhausting and decimate marital assets, the occurrence of premarital agreements and postnuptial contracts has begun to rise, as well as litigation alternatives including mediation, arbitration and negotiation of separation and property settlement agreements. At this time, the entire nation is feeling some form of impact of the economic recession, meaning that alternative methods for divorce resolution and property distribution issues, such as pre-litigation compromise, are an economic must.

Researchers have found that the traditional institution of marriage requires flexibility when it comes down to changes in modern lifestyles and trends. More and more women are entering and climbing to executive status in the workforce, while more men have stepped up to the role of stay-at-home parent. A new study on married couples and the economics of marriage has shown that working women are responsible for a role reversal in who benefits most from a marriage.

The family law firm of Gailor, Wallis Hunt of Raleigh, North Carolina explains that in North Carolina, marital property is defined as real and personal property acquired by either spouse or both spouses during the course of the marriage and before the date of separation of the parties, and presently owned, except property determined to be separate property or divisible property. Thus the property that increasingly well-educated, married women acquire during their marriages may well be at risk in a divorce.

As of 2007, women made up the majority of college graduates consisting of 53.5 percent of the 2007 graduating class. The earnings of these graduates have increased some 44 percent since 1970. Since women have begun acquiring more economic assets and resources in marriages, they have also become more economically vulnerable in the event of a divorce.

Hiring a divorce lawyer skilled in the equitable distribution of assets will ensure each party receives what is rightfully his or hers. Litigation is not the only option. The attorneys of Gailor, Wallis and Hunt further make clear that a separation and property settlement agreement, mediation or arbitration are viable options that are preferable to litigation. Upon separation, settling disputed issues such as property division will keep both parties out of court, which can prove to be financially beneficial for both.

The attorneys at Gailor, Wallis and Hunt can help you identify, classify and value assets acquired during the marriage, and negotiate a fair settlement. Founded in 1994, GWH is one of North Carolina’s most accomplished firms practicing exclusively in the area of family law and domestic relations litigation.

Each attorney in the firm possesses a particular proficiency in a specific area of family law, enhancing the Firm’s ability to respond to and settle or litigate any issue no matter how complex. Whether equitable distribution of assets through mediation is your choice in separation, or litigation becomes the means required for a successful dissolution, the family law attorneys of Gailor, Wallis and Hunt are here to help.


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