BDI Services through associations with decontamination, and chemical companies, has come up with the first homeowner friendly solution for homes plagued with Chinese Drywall.

/ Odessa, FL – June 7, 2010 — BDI Services, Inc is a Florida State Certified General Contracting company that made a very large commitment to finding a solution that was desperately needed by the real victims the homeowners.

Our “Out Smart” process has been designed to be what was truly needed for this issue; A safe option to treat the drywall that will save time, money, and most importantly people’s homes and lives. As good as that sounds, here is the best part; They guarantee it. Their processes are backed by a 10 year, $1,000,000 policy that is transferable and renewable. They have multiple protocols, and can tailor the remediation to fit the homeowner’s specific needs.

“This really is the best option for the homeowners” says David Fago Jr of BDI ” This option will get the homeowners safe and back to their lives very quickly, and we are there for every step of this process. We set out 18 months ago for a real solution. We had to attack the source – the drywall, then the secondary problem, cross contamination. This missed by most other protocols. We have proven our processes to the insurance companies and they backed us right away.”

Their responsible approach to this entire issue may well be the first real answer. They can help homeowners, builders, developers and the already struggling real estate market. BDI is so confident in their process, they and their investors are buying Chinese drywall homes and remediating them themselves. “We have an opportunity here to help not only the afflicted homeowners, but the real estate market in general. These homes are ok, as long as they are repaired, cleaned and certified properly. We can fix these homes, or if you would rather sell it, we will buy it.” Says Fago

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Name: David Fago Jr
Phone: 813-868-7707
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