/EINPresswire.com/ JACKSONVILLE, Fl., JUNE 11, 2010 — After 35 years of service to the solar industry the AET team has again developed an industry first, in training and a new “industry product” from its corporate offices in Jacksonville Florida. Karen Allain, Marketing Coordinator for AET, has assembled six dealers from over 400 worldwide as the foundation of its newly formed Board of Advisors (BOA).

IN addition to installers, there are water product marketers, engineers, and a financing team, all assembled to guide our management as we deploy new support services to the field. The BOA will also preview an industry first product that will be introduced throughout the AET family by the end of the third quarter 2010. “The valuable insight that we will gain from this group of professionals will insure that we serve our dealers to the best of our abilities”, said Tara Byrom, Vice President Sales & Marketing.

AET is excited about the inevitable growth that the solar thermal industry is experiencing. They are focusing their efforts on providing the best dealer support network in the market today. “What better way to fulfill the needs of those in the field then to ask those out in the trenches”, said Allain.

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