19 yr old launches charity providing shirts through African Parliament for children in need  

Winter Garden, FL – June 15, 2010 — “Since I returned from a mission trip to Costa Rica in 2007 I have always wanted to help those in need, but I wasn’t sure how,” says Giovanni Mannella, founder and CEO of www.ShopGivingThanks.com.

With helpless children in need, a heart was stirred to develop a movement, a movement designed to aid children in need across the globe. Giovanni observed that impoverished children grow up without shirts, and at best, soiled shirts that infect sores and cuts on the children’s bodies.

Without proper clothing these sores and cuts can easily lead to disease and infection. Touched by his tragic observation, Giovanni created a solution, GivingThanks Clothing.

“A lot of people doubted me, it’s very rare to hear of a 19-year old college student who is starting a company; let alone one that essentially gives away its product,” explained Giovanni. He spent over a year contacting clothing companies, web developers, and raising public awareness and support. It was hard for most people to take such a young man seriously. However, this all changed when he ordered one thousand shirts to give away to the children of Burundi, Africa. “For every shirt purchased, GivingThanks will provide another shirt to a child in need”. Built on the foundation of giving, Giovanni was determined to help children in need, one shirt at a time. Currently offering select styles and designs, GivingThanks Clothing is affordable, made with organic materials to be environmentally safe and friendly, and personally hand delivers clothing to impoverished children. GivingThanks has sent their first 1,000 shirt distribution to Burundi, Africa on June 15th, 2010 – Giovanni’s 20th birthday.

The children of the local town Karuzi of Burundi, Africa will be receiving the 1,000 shirt delivery through members of Giovanni’s First Baptist Church of Windermere, Province Governer Ndayize Sylvestre, and other members of the Burundi Parliament. Having the support of the Burundi Parliament and local Florida volunteers, the Karuzi children will be hand delivered GivingThanks shirts, making a forever lasting impact on the children’s hearts, spirits, and dreams.

Truly working his way up to ambitious goals from a facebook group of 100,000 to providing thousands of shirts to the impoverished children, gaining the support of the Burundi Parliament, and providing stylish GivingThanks clothing at affordable prices, Giovanni has prayed in faith and worked treacherously to make his goals a reality.

For more information contact:
Giovanni Mannella, Founder and CEO
[email protected]