Midwesterners are just like you, only completely different. Join Rufus “Junior” Hickman, Jr. as he takes readers on a tour of how the middle half lives in the hilarious human travelogue “The Hick Arrives: A Guide to Midwestern Living,” now available in paperback.

“The US may be one country, but it’s genuinely a massive collection of small tribes that happen to shout out the same three letters at sporting events in an attempt at solidarity,” says Terry Dugan, book contributor.

“People who live the coastal lifestyle tend to label their countrymen in the middle as backwoods or backwards, but that’s because the big-city folk compare these people to themselves instead of recognizing that this one nation is 50 different countries,” says Dugan. “Little do they realize, we in the middle make the things they crave, from the corn that goes in their soda to those ‘hilarious’ news stories about dogs stepping on guns and shooting hunters and meth lab explosions.”

In “The Hick Arrives,” Rufus gives readers an inside look at life in the Midwest, with a focus on Nebraska, to show his countrymen what makes his people tick.

Over the course of 20 chapters, readers will discover more than they ever thought they would know about guns, talking pigs, death, booze, ditchweed, sex, pet ownership, the Homestead Act, football, law enforcement, immigration, the Lewis & Clark expedition, guns (did we mention guns?), being poor, non-medical marijuana and much, much more.

“There’s a whole other world out there you don’t know about, a whole area filled with people who sort of speak your same language,” says Rufus. “Come get yourself learned about the good life.”

Thanks to Rufus’s Hicktionary, readers will also learn new meanings to more than 100 words, such as tornado (n.) a destructive mass of wind that, at a moment’s notice, can destroy everything you have or have worked for (see: politician).

Get ready for a wild ride. Don’t buckle up and you’ll fit in just fine.

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