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Many economists will tell you that the act of saving money is something that will pay off in the long run, in the form of automated income. Some lifestyle coaches will tell you that it’ll help you live a healthy life and strengthen your relationship with your loved ones. While saving money might be a good habit and everything that experts say might be true, putting it to practice might seem like an impossible task. But, as in a previous Dana Bashor savings guide, DB Services offers yet another money saving guide with these alternative ways to save money that can be actually applied in daily life!

1) Cut down unwanted expenses by controlling your emotions:
Many times people buy things just because their neighbors have it, other times they would like to be the center of attention or gain happiness with the appreciation that they receive from others. If you control your mind, you will be able to save your money from useless activities, some of which being drinking, smoking, gambling etc.

2) Start doing things yourself:
There are many people who hire others to get things done. You will be shocked to know that people in the United States even hire workers online to stand in queues. Some people pay a good amount of dollars to get their homework done, although they should be doing it. So if you want to save money, start doing things yourself.

3) Turn a hobby into a service:
Many people do things for free and some people take undue advantage of this. So whether it’s telling a secret or lifting a finger, charge people for everything you do. Dana Bashor got her start doing this and created Dana Bashor Services. At the end of the day, people don’t spare you either, do they?

4) Recycle:
Almost 30% of the goods in an average home are re-usable. So take advantage of this and save money, rather than buying new things. You can either make a plane or a boat from a useless piece of paper, depending upon how hard you can think.

5) Stop eating junk food:
If your doctor doesn’t inspire you enough, the shortage of money definitely will. Try not to eat fast foods and you will end up saving some money at the end of the month.

6) Research the Internet before buying a product:
Before you buy anything, do your research well. Many a times you will find websites that will sell the same thing at a discounted price. Other times you will find items that look and even operate the same way like reputable products. You’ve already heard about the Chinese iPhone clones, haven’t you?

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