/EINPresswire.com/ Podalenios, the US businessman-turned-artist who retired to the Greek
islands and then ‘discovered oil and gold’ last year, has made a new discovery: An Aegean island paradise at crisis prices.

Formerly accustomed to an affluent lifestyle, Podalenios was forced into retirement following a health crisis. He then decided to pursue the modest life of an artist, in Greece. He was later introduced to oil and gold futures trading, offering him a means of supplementing his limited artist’s income. ( http://www.RealMoneyBiz.com )

Back in the Aegean this Spring, Podalenios found that the current economic shemozzle in Greece has become a bonanza for tourists: Greek island resort accommodation at crisis prices.

“On Syros Island in mid-May I went to a beautiful spot, called Finikas,” he says. “I discovered a lovely hotel there ( www.hotelcyclades.com ) with great rooms, suites and studios. The owner, Joe Rigoutsos, has responded to the Greek downturn with amazingly low rates!”

“The prices start at an incredible €25 (US$30) for a basic single, up to €55 (US$68) for a self-contained 3-room studio with kitchen facilities”, says Podalenios. “It’s 50 meters (150 ft) from a delightful beach, on a picturesque bay with special yacht facilities”.

Podalenios says Joe is also a stickler for ‘filoxenia’. “This is a word for old-fashioned Greek hospitality”, he said. “He’s made me feel very welcome, responding cheerfully to my every request, plus some very kind gestures of a spontaneous nature.”

“Syros is a beautiful island ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Syros ), with some marvelous features – only 2 ½ hours from Athens by ferry or 30 minutes, by air. The port city of Hermoupolis (after the Greek god, Hermes) has unique neo-classical architecture, an unusually rare history and smart, stylish shops,” he went on.

“Of course, Finikas, 20 minutes away on the opposite side of the island is another world – peaceful and elegantly cozy”, he explains.

Podalenios told EIN that visitors to the Hotel Cyclades over the next few months may have a chance to own one of his artworks. I expect to spend as much time there as possible this summer – it’s a wonderful place!”, he declared.

More Hotel Cyclades info: www.hotelcyclades.com ; email and other contact details will be found there. For photos of Podalenios artworks, send an email to: [email protected]