/EINPresswire.com/ Top Amsterdam sightseeing company Amsterdam City Tours reports that online bookings rose 350% this past season compared with previous periods. All indications point to further increases in online bookings of guided tours of Amsterdam and surrounding cities during the next seasons.

Amsterdam City Tours recently announced that it had observed a 350% increase in online bookings during the most recent season. This sharp increase is a remarkable indicator of global economic health and a testament to the company’s strength; it comes during an economic downturn when many companies are struggling. Amsterdam City Tours has managed to serve more people, especially with day trips out of Amsterdam. Substantial growth was observed in tour bookings for shorter trips to sites just outside the city.

Since its inception, Amsterdam City Tours has emphasized its web presence as much as possible. “The internet allows us to connect with clients from around the world, helping all Holland visitors enjoy Amsterdam sightseeing and get the most out of their stay.” said Menno Jong, Director of Amsterdam City Tours (http://www.amsterdamcitytours.com/). The company’s website offers an array of different tour options, including customized tours, bus tours, bike tours, group tours, and more. Every tour is crafted by Amsterdam experts, some of whom have lived in the area since childhood.

The company also saw growth in its tours outside Amsterdam proper. Day trips out of Amsterdam (http://www.amsterdamcitytours.com/) were responsible for much of the online booking increase, particularly short excursions to nearby towns. Some of the most popular destinations outside Amsterdam included Marken, Delft, Volendam, Rotterdam, and The Hague. In addition, Amsterdam canal cruises gained in popularity as visitors discovered the attraction of seeing Amsterdam from the water. However, the most popular tour booked online was to Keukenhof, which features the largest flower gardens in the world. “Tours outside of Amsterdam provide a beautiful change of scenery and allow visitors to explore more of Holland. We are always happy to help our customers create the perfect tour or series of tours, whether in Amsterdam or outside the city.” Said Mr. Jong of Amsterdam City Tours.

The growth in online bookings comes at an interesting time of financial turmoil. The global economy has been heavily subsidized and many attempts at bailouts have been made. Items like vacations and guided tours in Amsterdam have become more cost effective in response, but the increase in bookings certainly indicates an increase in the ability of individuals to take vacations. Many felt insecure in their jobs and resisted time off. Now, the lure of a vacation combined with cost effective tours in Amsterdam to provide great vacation opportunities. There have been few times quite so opportune for vacationers.

Conversely, the ability of Amsterdam City Tours to connect with its customers should not be underestimated. The company has a history of prioritizing clients, from its online chat to toll-free numbers available in the US and UK. The company also offers customized tours, which many other companies will try to avoid because of the work involved. Although the economic recovery may play a part in the success of Amsterdam sightseeing online booking, there is no doubt that the company’s own qualities play a larger role. As the economy recovers and Amsterdam City Tours continues to develop, the number of internet bookings is only going to grow further.

About Amsterdam City Tours:
As a top Amsterdam sightseeing company, Amsterdam City Tours offers guided tours in Amsterdam and throughout Holland. Day trips in Amsterdam are customizable, cost effective, and supported by a knowledgeable staff of local experts. Online chat and international toll-free numbers make organizing your tour as easy as a phone call.

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