/EINPresswire.com/ NEW YORK, NY June 22, 2010 – Blue Spoon Consulting today published a system-level framework for innovation by the pharmaceutical industry. Available as a briefing note for download through the Blue Spoon Consulting website (www.bluespoonconsulting.com) A New Orbit for Innovation shifts the premise of strategy itself, from an ‘experience curve’ based on how best to develop and market drug brands, to the idea of a ‘collaboration curve’ based on novel linkages to create new health and economic value. This is a whole new model to improve strategic performance, unlock “next practice” business concepts, and reorganize the industry around a value proposition that goes beyond the domain of drug.

Blue Spoon is a leading strategy consultancy serving the global pharmaceutical, healthcare, and telecommunications industries. The firm is pioneering ‘system-level competition’, an approach to growth and innovation that reshapes the terms of competition in markets, industries, and economic sectors. Blue Spoon is the only consultancy in the world with a methodology to design and manage industry ecosystems. Visit: www.bluespoonconsulting.com.