/EINPresswire.com/ Boston, MA – Some of the biggest Billboard chart topping icons in the music industry have branded their success writing or performing songs about the days of the week. *Sunday Morning* – Maroon 5, *Monday, Monday* The Mama’s & The Papa’s, *Tuesday Heartbreak* – Stevie Wonder, and to sum it up, The Beatles with their ever memorable smash hit *Eight Days a Week*.

From the heart of Boston comes this young dynamic, self assured 17 year old music visionary and eye gazing dancer named Mateo Medina who discovered his calling during the preteens years of his life after heartbreaks, disappointments and very quick lessons in street divisiveness. For nearly a half decade, he harnessed the craft and passion as a singer/songwriter and developed a ripping new affect on stage to ensure a lively captivated audience.

Mateo has been working with a multi-platinum producer whose credits include everyone from Ice T to Sean “Diddy” Combs and Ludacris, and rising songwriter Jared Jones. The result: From his new EP- A sizzling Pop/R&B Dance track called *”It’s Saturday” *On June 22nd KutRoc Records Release, a label founded by his father, Luis Medina, who implements strategic business excellence and instills core values about the music business with his team and artists.

GRAMMY Award winning “Mastering Legend” Herb Powers clearly states: “Mateo, the young new artist with a winning sound, great for radio and the clubs; Let’s go Dancin! All 4 tracks are really cool and potential singles,” said Powers. “To receive this kind of positive response and affirmation from a legend who has mastered GRAMMY winning albums for Usher, Justin Timberlake, Mariah Carey, Alicia Keys, etc, is a great start and speaks volumes of our artists and their work!” said Medina.

“To me and many others Saturday is synonymous with cutting loose and having fun! It’s an untold anthem in itself that everyone can relate to. This is why I chose the title “It’s Saturday” says Mateo.

His distinguished bright sound and flair for unparalleled originality separates Mateo from his counterparts in today’s competitive market with no second guessing if his music is gravitating or not. Blogs, global radio stations and other social medias were a huge part of the recent premier launch on “It’s Saturday”. The outcome consensus has been described as “a must have dance track” now available on iTunes. It is just an incredible solid song, one of many from his new EP. Mateo brings the music industry a new sultry formula that defines him in Pop/R&B and Dance genres which most likely will brand him as a new powerhouse for this era. Visit: www.mateoworld.com and www.myspace.com/mateomedina For more information contact Luis Medina CEO KutRoc Records [email protected]

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