/EINPresswire.com/ Considered as one of the forefathers of Lao democracy in the 20th century, Mr Thongsouk Saysangkhi requests other world democratic organisations to recognise him within world books and records. He continues to call for democratic leaders to support his goals and dreams of a democratic Laotian state with free and multi- party elections.

Mr Thongsouk Saysangkhi’s letter of Resignation – 26 August 1990
The Lao People’s Democratic Republic Peace, Independence, Unity, Socialism

To: His Excellency Kaysone Phomvihan,
General Secretary
Central Executive Committee of the LPRP
Chairman of the LPDR Council of Ministers
at Vientiane

Re: Request to resign from my function as a deputy minister and from my membership in the LPRP and to return to Your Excellency My Decorations

I, Mr Thongsouk Saysangkhi, age 52, a deputy minister in the Ministry of Science of the LPDR would like to submit the following to Your Excellency, that Your Excellency and the leading bodies of the Party and State have always educated and instructed me to have an honest allegiance to the nation and the people; to oppose official malfeasance and be ready to suffer on the people’s behalf and put the people’s happiness ahead of one’s own; to loathe putrid old regimes that restrict popular liberties and democracy, that oppress, exploit and repress the people; and in which the rapacious build up dens of wealth for their families and their cronies from the blood, sweat and tears and the flesh and bones of the people.

I oppose the dictatorial power of personal cliques, which are precisely what the Party and the State apparat are; and I am demanding the holding of free elections, the putting into practice of popular liberties and democracy, and the existence of democratic institutions opposed to the maintenance of a system of communist feudalism and Politburo dynastism.
The history of humankind has now confirmed that a single-party system relying exclusively on coercion and deception is incapable of ever bringing prosperity and happiness to our people. The pain of escalating oppression, whether physical, intellectual or psychological, cannot inhibit this conjuncture in the forward march of humankind. Darkness will never absolutely triumph over light.

Upon having pondered the lessons of the past 15 years, I have become utterly convinced that I cannot blithely continue in my functions, because the reality is that the former are merely deceptive propaganda, and if I did so I would moreover stand to be punished by the nation and the people.

It is for this reason, therefore, that I request to resign from my function as a deputy minister and to become an ordinary and common member of the people, that I request to resign my membership in the Lao People’s Revolutionary Party, and request to turn back in all the decorations bestowed on me by the Party and State:
The aforementioned decorations do not have the altruistic value I understood they possessed.
I will also like here to make this submission with the utmost respect.

Vientiane, 26 August 1990
– The Secretariat of the Lao RPP Central Committee – The LPDR Council of Ministers – The Minister of Science and Technology
Thongsouk Saysangkhi

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