PARIS, June 23, 2010 — On 23rd June, France Telecom-Orange signed an agreement creating a Global Works Council with employees representatives (Alliance Syndicale Mondiale UNI, delegation from the European Works Council and French Unions)

Following the creation of the European Works Council in 2004 and the worldwide agreement in 2006 about fundamental employee rights, the France Telecom group has now created a new body designed to promote social dialogue in every country in which the Group is present. The creation of this council covers the Group’s entire international scope, which currently has more than 43% of its personnel working outside France and 12% working outside Europe.

With this agreement, France Telecom aims to reinforce its dialogue with all employees by creating a single platform to share Group-wide information. The Global Works Council will provide a forum allowing employee representatives from across the world to share information and discuss the challenges that lie ahead as well as the various international economic, financial and social issues to affect the Group on a global level.

Employee representatives on the council may be labor union representatives (France, Poland and the majority of the African countries), persons designated by elected employee representation forums (Romania, Slovakia, Switzerland and Great Britain), or persons directly elected by employees (Dominican Republic, USA, India, etc.).

The Global Works Council comes in addition to existing employee representation bodies, whether national or European, but in no way oversees or replaces them.

The council will be comprised of 33 members, each elected for four years, representing countries with more than 400 employees. It will be convened by the France Telecom group’s Chief Executive Officer, who is also Chairman of this council, at least once a year. The first meeting will be held during the second half of 2010.

Source: France Telecom-Orange

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