/EINPresswire.com/ On 9th, of July 2010 in Lithuania will start the first shopping festival “Akropolis Kaunas Grand Shopping Festival 2010”. Duration of the first shopping festival “Akropolis Kaunas Grand Shopping Festival 2010” will be 3 days. The shopping festival in the Baltic countries will be the first time. It organizes the largest in the Baltic states shopping and entertainment center “Akropolis Kaunas”.

“All over the world have traditionally held festivals shopping. As the largest shopping and entertainment center in the region, we decided to establish a tradition – every year in Kaunas create a real shopping festival for Baltic States, Poland, Kaliningrad and Belarus. Geography Kaunas simply beautiful – from many cities in Latvia, Byelorussia, Russia (Kaliningrad and Pskov regions), Poland separate us no more than 300 kilometers. The main purpose of the festival to attract shopping shopping fans from all over Eastern Europe, Kaunas present as a viable alternative to the European capitals of fashion and “revive” domestic tourism “, – says the manager of shopping and entertainment center “Akropolis Kaunas”, Vladimir Kononenko. In his words, for buyers at shopping festival “Akropolis Kaunas Grand Shopping Festival 2010” will be fabulous discounts as well as numerous attractions.
In shopping festival “Akropolis Kaunas Grand Shopping Festival 2010″ will participate over 300 companies from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Israel, Germany, Czech Republic, France, Italy, USA, Poland, Great Britain, Turkey, India, China, the scope of which – fashion, style, beauty, food, services, tourism , culture, sports, health, products for daily life and home. During the festival shopping «Akropolis Kaunas Grand Shopping Festival 2010” in all stores “Akropolis Kaunas” discounts will apply to all goods from 30 to 90 percent.

«Akropolis Kaunas Grand Shopping Festival 2010″ will play an important role in the recovery of domestic tourism and the tourism industry as a whole, significant discounts to attract the attention of both foreign and local shopping fans, company parties get a chance to make his name more prominent on the international market and significantly increase sales growth in low season.

In the programme of the festival shopping «Akropolis Kaunas Grand Shopping Festival 2010″ fabulous discounts, fashion shows, advice stylists, free procedures, presentations of new products, games, performances, auctions, home appliances and other goods.

Built in the center of Kaunas in the central part of Lithuania is the largest shopping center in the Baltics and one of the largest in Eastern Europe. “Akropolis Kaunas” recognized as one of the nicest shopping centers in Europe. In the month „Akropolis Kaunas” have from 1.2 to 2 million visitors.
“Akropolis Kaunas” – is famous Lithuanian capital of commerce and entertainment ( 80 000 square meters. m.) Car parking is designed for 2400 cars. Daily „Akropolis Kaunas” visit 40-50 thousand people. In „Akropolis Kaunas” is 300 shops: here are the world’s leading firms of clothes, shoes, cosmetics, beauty salons and health. An entire street given to children’s brands.