Ahern and Associates, Ltd. to consult clients on personal wealth management and goal attainment before executing the sale of their trucking or logistics company.

/EINPresswire.com/ Phoenix, AZ—June 11, 2010 The decision to sell a trucking or logistics company after years or nurturing and growth usually represents a pinnacle moment in one’s life. However, despite the fact that the owner of the business is about to come into a sizeable financial influx, many still have questions as to whether or not they will still be able to attain their goals in life–be that personal or financial.

Well known as the “go-to” firm to coordinate mergers and acquisitions of trucking and logistics companies across North America, Ahern and Associates will now offer financial feasibility services to principals who are on the cusp of executing the sale of their company but would also like a wealth management plan in place that assures their personal goals are met—whether Ahern is the orchestrator of the deal or not.

Often times, the seller of a business will have several concerns, including:
* Am I receiving enough money from the sale of my business to achieve my personal objectives?
* After the sale, how do I receive the highest rate of return on my influx of cash?
* Should I accept a 100% cash buyout or a partial stock option?
* How do I legally minimize my tax liability after the sale?

At the heart of Ahern’s new service is a Financial Feasibility Study which offers a non-biased, 3rd party perspective on the viability and consequences of selling a trucking or logistics company. The study thoroughly details event probabilities based upon the identification of goals in conjunction with proper financial planning prior to execution of the sale.

Andy Ahern, CEO of Ahern and Associates, explains, “We’ve counseled hundreds of business owners on the personal and emotional ramifications of the sale of their trucking companies in the past and now, we’ve taken our services a step further by preparing them for life after the sale; regardless if our firm is involved in the deal or not.”

About Ahern & Associates, Ltd.:

Ahern and Associates is North America’s leading trucking and transportation management consulting firm. The skilled consultants at Ahern and Associates specialize in mergers and acquisitions of trucking and logistics companies as well as the restructuring and evaluation of existing carriers that seek to increase operating efficiency and improve profitability. Since 1987, Ahern and Associates has aided hundreds of buyers in the acquisition of trucking and logistics companies throughout the U.S. and Canada as well as assisting many transportation and logistics companies in reducing their overall operating costs and increasing their profitability. For more information, please call 602-242-1030 or visit http://www.Ahern-Ltd.com


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