Management of Knowledge proposes solutions to all human suffering, hunger, poverty, misery and despair.

Marbella, Spain – June 28, 2010 — Everyone wants a better, more peaceful and prosperous life. For Dr. Edward Schellhammer, it’s all within reach using the breakthrough strategies in his book, Management of Knowledge: the Key to Your Fulfillment in Life and Business.
Schellhammer is the author of 21 books, the founder of a University, and has studied Education, psychology, philosophy, information technology and statistics in Fribourg and in Zürich (Switzerland). He has expertise in psychoanalysis, humanistic psychology, and behavior training.

Schellhammer’s other books include subjects like strategies of problem solving, the individual and collective unconscious, the future of humanity, global human education, philosophical and pedagogical anthropology, and didactics in teaching, counseling and coaching.

His latest endeavor, Management of Knowledge, is “the powerful answer for real hope” and includes “multi-faceted” solutions for the most pressing issues of humanity,” says Schellhammer.
According to the author, the book details the “management of relevant psychological knowledge and efficient social skills” and is indispensable for personal and professional success.

Schellhammer isn’t shy about making promises. His book includes details on how the world can achieve a 500% increase in constructive communication, a 300% increase in the quality of well-being in everyone’s personal life, a 75% reduction in scams, frauds, and deceit, and a 70% decrease in unhealthy lifestyles such as obesity and alcohol or drug abuse.

Among other idealistic goals, the book also details the path to a peaceful and benevolent society, and at least a 50-65% reduction in violent crime. Perhaps best of all, the author details how to end all disastrous wars and achieve a world that is 100% free of nuclear weapons.

Schellhammer promises that if 100 million people read Management of Knowledge, all of humanity will experience a complete breakthrough in these points within 9 years.

Management of Knowledge has been labeled “the Bible for the 3rd Millennium.” It’s the result of 25 years of research and study, and includes 600 pages of insightful, innovative, and groundbreaking advice for life and business.

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