SYRACUSE, N.Y., June 28, 2010 — The convenience of online shopping makes it an attractive alternative to the hassles of conventional shopping. Sadly, online shopping has downsides as well – exposure to malware, online scams and credit card theft. However, following these simple Internet security guidelines can make your online shopping experience a safe one.

1) The first rule of Internet security is securing your own computer. Rescuecom cannot stress enough the importance of maintaining an up-to-date operating system, browser and Internet security program, ensuring your defenses are current.

2) Between comparing prices, examining customer reviews and just browsing, most online shopping trips will take you to more than one website. To ensure Internet security throughout the process look for these signs of security on the pages you visit:

• A padlock icon on the outer frame of a webpage.

• A URL address that begins with ‘https’. Sites beginning with ‘http’ may still be safe, but ‘https’ indicates certain Internet security.

3) Be suspicious of businesses that offer no contact information or prices that seem too good to be true. These may be part of an online shopping scam.

4) Online shopping on an unsecured or public network is a major Internet security risk. Rescuecom recommend always conducting your online shopping on a secure network.

5) Frequent pop ups or sluggish performance are indicators of possible malware or virus infections. Online shopping on an infected computer can compromise your Internet security. Use anti-virus programs or seek computer support to clean your computer before making a purchase.

6) Protect your Internet security in the future: Find out what a company plans to do with your private information by reading their privacy policy.

7) Any time you are going to reveal private information, ensure that a site has an up to date security certificate. This information can be found under ‘properties’ or ‘page info’ in your browser’s menu options.

Following these guidelines should make for a much safer online shopping experience.


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